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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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disappeared. israeli security forces fired stun grenades and rubber-coated steel bullets at the al-aqsa compound. hundreds of palestinians gathered outside the mosque. to prevent israeli police from going further. imtiaz tyab has more from occupied east jerusalem. >> the situation at the al-aqsa mosque compound is currently calm. it's a different situation to what we saw a few hours ago in the early hours of this morning, when israeli police, border police, began confrontations. security forces use stun grenades and rubber coated steel bullets in the confrontations. we are not hearing reports of injuries or property damage. still, it underscores the tension at this holy site as we
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know just over a week ago there was bitter confrontations between t palestinian worshippers, resulting in damage to the al-aqsa mosque compound and many are worried in the coming days. as the jewish high hole dis continue, we will see more confrontation at the holy sight. the united states and european union approached iran to help find a solution to the syrian conflict. the u.n. secretary of state and e.u. foreign policy chief discussed the issue with the iranian foreign minister in new york. talks are expected to take place in russia. the diplomatic editor james bays reports all eyes will be on russian president vladimir putin when he makes a whistle-stop trip to new york, spending less than a full day in the u.s. to attend the united nations general assembly. >> everyone wants to know what his intentions are regarding syria. on one hand a russian military build up, vladimir putin sent marines, helicopters and tanks
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to a base in latakia on syria's coast. on the other he says he wants a political solution. in an interview with "talk to al jazeera", i asked the e.u.'s high representative, federica mogherini, if she had been given any idea what russia was up to. >> i was talking about that with our russian friends, with lavrov, and last time i talked to him about this, his fear was as a collapse of the state structures. this could be one of the reasons why russia is acting in this way. but it could also be a willingness to show the fact that russia is an important player in this crisis. >> syria was on the agenda too
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when the u.s. secretary of state john kerry met iranian foreign minister in new york, but neither was prepared to discuss what was said away from the cameras. >> i view this week as a major opportunity for any number of countries. to play an important role in trying to resolve some difficult issues. in the middle east. >> president obama will address the general assembly on the same day as vladimir putin on monday. he'll be aware of recent setbacks with u.s. policy. the pentagon admitted that some of those they are training, so-called moderate rebels have handed over equipment, vehicles and ammunition to the al nusra front. another development involves iraq, a key member to i.s.i.l. according to russia,
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iraq will join it, iran, and controversially, the bashar al-assad regime in setting up a coordination centre to be based in baghdad. you can watch james bays full interview with frederica mogherini on "talk to al jazeera" at 14:30 gmt on monday france launched air strikes against i.s.i.l. targets. in syria. until now france flew reconnaissance flights over syria but only took place in strikes in iraq. france's president said it remained committed to fighting the group. 14 soldiers killed in a base in fallujah. i.s.i.l. fighters are said to have used an armoured vehicle in a suicide attack. iran's supreme leader it is demanding saudi arabia
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ayatollah khamenei is demanding saudi arabia apologises for the stampede during the hajj, in which more than 1700 people were killed. the victims should not be blamed and their families deserve an apology. saudi arabia opened an investigation into thursday's tragedy and is reviewing safety voting is under way in elections, that could lead to catalonia breaking away from spain. these are live pictures of the region. the pro independence party say victory in the regional election would give them a mandate to declare independence. the government in madrid opposes a move, which it regards as illegal. jonah hull reports from the catalan capital, barcelona. >> reporter: the culture of catalonia, distinct from the rest of spain, suppressed during dictatorship, a region that still feels its voice is often ignored by madrid.
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will sunday's referendum on independence change that. >> i will vote yes. i think it's a great opportunity. for us, the catalan people, to be heard. the spanish state has thrown its full weight behind the opposition, warning of the dire consequences of catalan independence, expulsion from the euro and the european union. >> translation: we don't want to leave the european union, we want our pensions to be guaranteed and a future for our children. industrial power, tourist hot spot. and export hub. catalonia accounts for a fifth of spain's gross domestic product. a longstanding grief that the region would pay in more than it gets back. >> given the stories coming out of madrid and elsewhere, is catalonia rich enough to survive as an independent state. >> if the question is would spain impose heavy costs in catalonia, in the dramatic
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break-up, let's say. the answer is yes, as well. of course it may not be free for spain, because it has hard times coming back. and has a large debt, it would have hard times paying back without catalonia's contribution. >> if catalonia does become an independent state. maybe this would be its army in red and blue. barcelona football club has deep nationalist pedigree, a place where for years the banned catalan language was spoken safe from general franco's police. when barcelona play here at the home ground at campagne, the fans go wild. they scream for their idols. players like lionel messi. something else happens here as well. they boo the spanish national anthem, unfurling spanners that say catalonia is not spain. they use this space and those occasions to cry for independence.
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the spanish football federation says barcelona may be banned from la liga. another establishment scare tactic perhaps, or an added layer of acrimony between two separate sides a million people are expected to attend pope francis's last mass in the united states. in philadelphia he visited the site where the u.s. constitution was signed. catholic leader spoke about the importance of the individual in an increasingly globalized world. >> translation: globalization on its own is not bad. on the contrary, globalisation tendency is not bad. what might be bad is the way it happens. this globalization seeks to make everyone the same, as if it were a single sphere. that globalization destroys the
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individuality of every person. if globalization seeks to bring all of us together, but to do so, reporting each person, each individual person's witness, that globalization makes us all grow and leads to peace. >> thousands of people march in mexico city to demands justice for 43 students. an inquiry blamed local police. it's been exactly 12 months since 43 students depicted in the photographs disappeared without a trace. and their families supported by thousands are here to sigh say they will not rest until they get satisfaction. >> i am so sad, i want my son returned to me along with all the others. >> reporter: the students were
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attacked by police, illegal drug trafficers. in the country, shell-shocked by violence, it's a crime that outraged mexicans. scandalous international opinion, and embarrassed the government. it's become a symbol of the degree of impunity. corruption and brutality from which defenseless mexicans suffer. >> translation: this is systematic of what is happening throughout mexico, where 25,000 have disappeared in recent years. >> reporter: this was not just a march to remember the missing students. it was the latest opportunity to express anger at the government. accused of covering up the crime with an investigation that authorities acknowledge was flawed. >> translation: it's unacceptable that this is happening. we cannot remain silent. any of our children could be
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next. >> reporter: president pena nieto who met with the families agreed to reopen the investigation, and vows to keep it open as long as is necessary. the parents do not trust authorities and demand that independent investigators from the inter-american human rights commission remain in mexico for as long as it takes to find the students. the commemoration of one year will continue over the weekend. underscoring the anger and the impetus felt by millions of mexicans, who cannot believe so much time has lapsed without the whereabouts, or, at the very least there remains more to come on al jazeera. >> translation: i'm ready to go back home in possible. i don't know where to find my family
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yemeni children flee the war to seek safety in somalia. plus... ..making gains against boko haram, al jazeera is on patrol with the nigeria army in borneo state.
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>> what do you want american's to understand? >> there's so much injustice. >> workers are being injured constantly. hello again. the top stories on al jazeera - israeli security forces fired stun grenades and rubber-coated steel bullets at the al-aqsa mosque.
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the u.s. and european union approached iran to help find a solution to the syrian conflict. u.s. secretary of state john kerry and e.u. foreign policy chief discussed the issue with iran's foreign minister in new york. voting is under way in elections in catalonia. we are looking at live pictures coming from there. pro independence say a mandate may be given. others say it is illegal refugees fleeing the war, somali, it is feared may struggle. >> reporter: it's meal time for the yemeni refugees in the port city. this is all they will get today. those here are the latest to arriving. this person is one of them.
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he was injured in fighting in the yemeni city of aden. >> translation: i was driving an ambulance when i was hit by a mortar, i had three surgeries on my leg. i was forced to flee with my family as i feared for my safety and couldn't provide for them. >> there's no let up from those escaping somalia, hundreds have been moved to the town, 4 hours drive away. the town's only universities are home. >> officials from the yemeni embassy in somali comes to check on them. he is unwelcome. refugees are desperate. and tempers are lost here. >> translation: we want to be taken out of the country, somali is not safe. we can't live here when we don't feel secure. somalia has no capacity to care for us. >> reporter: among the refugees are unaccompanied children separated from their families in a rush to escape.
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many don't know the whereabouts of their relatives. this 12-year-old is one of them. >> we eat sometimes, at other times we don't. we have nothing, no milk, juice. i'm ready to go home. if possible, but don't know whether to find my family. >> the flood is overwhelming agencies and local communities. thousands have been living in yemen as refugees, returning home to escape the war. >> it's a situation made worse by more than a million people already displaced across somalia by conflict, drought and hunger. the u.n. says at least 3 million in somalia are in need of aid. despite their own problems, the local community gives to the give to the refugees. this tribal king has been leading efforts to feed them. he has brought them a fresh supply of food. >> what we give the refugees is not enough. they require urgent and adequate
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help and importantly shelter. >> reporter: most people here are happy to have survived. they say life in somalia is hard, but it's better than being trapped in the violence in yemen . >> nigeria's military launched an offensive against boko haram in the north. bangui and borno state is the latest town to be retaken from the armed group. more than 200 boko haram fighters surrendered on friday. bangui was used by boko haram as a staging post for cross-border attacks into cameroon. the united nations says 2.3 million nigerians have been displaced by the violence since may 2013. we have this update from borno
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state. >> the nigerian military is gaining grounds, and captured one of the last hands. and it's conducting mopping up operations, driving from the capital to the front line in the north-east of nigeria, it's easy to see the relief on the faces of many nigerians. coming up. hundreds coming nonstop to be here. people have started coming back to their farms, their homes. some of the areas are not particularly safe for people to return. that's why the nigerian army said operations are being conducted to ensure the safe returns of people fled their homes. right now the nigerian military is saying that boko haram fighters, because of the pressure applied on them by the nigerian forces, from cameroon, niger and chad.
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the chief of army staff said they were gaining more on bok boko haram through intel challenges. the level of cooperation is high. in the next month they'll end the insurgency in north-east nigeria gunmen killed 21 in the capital of central african republic. 100 more were wounded. gerald tan has the details. >> reporter: taking whatever they can carry, residents of this mainly christian neighbourhood tried to escape the attackers, saying muslims came at them with automatic weapons, grenades and knives. houses and cars were burnt. according to witnesses, the assault was in retaliation to the killing of a muslim man, whose body was dumped in the streets. >> what we are seeing right now at the moment, is a replay of what we were seeing last year in
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those tit for tat violence and attacks between communities, and that really highlights the fact that in car now, the situation really - at the death of the - the depth of the problem has not improved. >> reporter: violence divided the central african republic since seleka rebels overthrew the president was overruled. two years ago and installed a muslim president. this gave rise to christians anti-balica rebels who fought back. a conflict stepping from poverty is being fought along religious lines, thousands have been killed, hundreds of thousands more driven from their homes. despite a peace deal signed in may, violence persists with u.n. peacekeepers and troops trying to keep them apart. >> the government is challenging. the country is meant to hold presidential and parliamentary elections next month and the
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head of the interim parliament says it's likely to be postponed again [ ♪ ] a cuban leader raul castro speak at the united nations for the first time, following a thawing of diplomatic relations between the u.s. and cuba in july, which included the lifting of travel sanctions, restrictions. he said his speech to ask the u.s. to drop economic and trade embargo on cuba china's president xi jinping is also at the u.n. ahead of the annual general assembly, pledging $2 billion in aid to help the world's poorest country, and committed beijing to a total of billions, saying
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that china has not lived up to its responsibility in line with an aspiration for a greater global role. >> translation: looking to the future, china will continue to take the right approach. china will put justice before interests, and join other countries in an effort to realise the post-2015 development agenda. we'll establish an assistance fund with an initial pledge of $2 billion, and support the countries, china will develop and aim to increase the total to $12 billion by 2030. gender inequality is an important issue on the general assembly. 3% of women in pakistan's tribal belt canned read and write. as nicole johnson reports, some are demanding a right to education. >> reporter: this woman from
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pakistan's tribal belt. there's a major difference between this and other women that live there. her father wanted her though be educated, rare from the federally administered tribal area. >> here there is no education system. they don't know their basic rights, that education is their right. decision making is their right. >> for the last few years pakistan's military has been fighting against the taliban and other groups inside the tribal belt. tenses of thousands of people have fled to camps like this one on the outskirts of peshawar. the tradition of keeping women indoors and uneducated remained strong. all these women are living in the regional capital peshawar, waiting to return to their homes. >> when we were in the tribal belt we were blind and didn't know anything. now it's open and i'm trying to educate my daughter and son.
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>> the displacement of more than a million people has had one positive benefit. >> they have seen the lifestyle of other people, seeing that men, families are seeing the difference between the educated girl and uneducated girl. >> as more women speak out. they are becoming braver and bolder. in the past some have been killed for demanding rights. >> my family opposes girl's education, i struggled for it, and they tortured me like hell. i still feel the pain. >> if there's a chance tore education, the boy gets it over the girl. they'll send their son to a good school and say to the girl, no more education for you after five years. >> now they found a woman from their own community giving them the courage to demand more. it's likely to take years of struggle to change centuries of tradition.
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church of christ in the philippines is considered one of the world's secretive sects, wielding substantial influence in churches over the world. for the first time it's facing a crisis, one that could affect politics. >> it claims to be the 1-2 church. established in 1914. it's well organized with followers accuratered all over the world, drawing powers from the ability. it's reported mon than 10% of income feeds the coffers, it's a close society whose influence extends.
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politicians compete for the attention. the code of silence has been broken. this man is on the run, after exposing corruption involving the high officials of the church. >> when it comes to some ministers they leave this way of living. you can see it in the cars they are using and the houses that they have built. >> armed groups detained him and his family, only they were lucky to escape. the hierarchy of the sect demands what it causes the church and state. organising a protest rally. we are reminding, not the government, but a certain part of the administration to at least remember that there is a constitutional guarantee concerning the separation of church and state. >> the government is meddling in
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affairs, maintaining that the safe has no jurisdiction to intervene. the department of justice will continue about its religious matters. the resistance from the group shouldn't come as a surprise. the sect worked within their structure of politics. >> they operate and some describe them as a state within a state. they are self legislating. in that sense, resisting d.o.j. investigation has nothing to do with separation of church and safe. it has to do with maintaining the structure of authority within the church itself. as the cracks show, many here wonder about the future of one of the world's secretive sects. it may be seen as a strange presence outside of it.
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but it's very much outside of the fabric of the political culture wherever you are in the world, you can log on to the website and find out what we are talking about. as simple as going to for the latest television. the slaughter is being fueled by demand from asia... ...where rhino horn is gold a status symbol and believed to


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